Homer's personal collection

Homer Norris has lived out here in east Parker County all his life, and if anyone knows the land we walk on every day, it would be him. Homer has roamed these ridges, valleys, and creekbeds for years, and not just to enjoy the lovely natural surroundings—he has been in search of things left behind by the people who have lived here in the past. As an artifact hunter and amateur archaeologist, he has certainly turned up many treasures—so many, in fact, that he has amassed quite a collection of artifacts, including points, tools, and potsherds left behind by the Indians; coins, bulletshells, and other artifacts from the early pioneers, as well as fossils and the like. And this is not to mention the ancient Indian burial that he and his family found which proved to be a very significant archaeological find, as well as the complete skeleton of a bison that was apparently ceremonially buried by the inhabitants of this land long ago—but you’ll just have to get the Parker County Prairie Sketchbook to read about all of those.

Artifacts from Homer's collection

Through the things he has found, Homer has established a link between the past and the present, and if anything is needed in modern Parker County, it is this kind of understanding of our history and heritage. Happily, Homer has taken the time and effort to preserve this knowledge and insight in his artwork and books, so that even if forgotten, these things will never be lost.