About Homer

Homer Norris painting

Few figures in Parker County, Texas, are as beloved as Homer Norris. Humble, inquisitive, appreciative—and gifted beyond measure—he is artist and storyteller, archaeologist and explorer, student and teacher.

One of eleven children born to a brilliant yet poor Aledo welder during the bleak days of the Great Depression, Homer roamed the countryside—and found his spirit's nourishment in this land. Drawn to the romantic history of Parker County's artifacts and relics, mesmerized by the loveliness to be found in a simple iris, captivated by the tales told by old-timers, he developed a passion for beauty and formidable love for his home and its people. To this day he gleans joy, solace and awe from this rugged terrain.

Girl with flowers

I feel deeply privileged to know Homer Norris, and honored to be his friend. Like his admired iris, he has thrived despite—and perhaps because of—the struggle to exist in a landscape that can be harsh, amid times and circumstances that often have been unforgiving. His resiliency, abiding faith and love for life are inspiring.

(Slightly abridged foreword from the Parker County Prairie Sketchbook, written by Susan Karnes of Annetta North)